Inbox Repair Tool

Requirements: Windows 8/7/XP/Vista
Outlook Versions: Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010


How to Fix Corrupt Outlook PST File?

You might be well aware of Scanpst.exe tool – Inbox Repair Tool that comes along with MS Outlook, which is used to repair damaged PST file corrupted due to various reasons. Sometimes, this tool does not recognize the PST file or it hangs endlessly & does not perform the repair or the repaired PST file is empty not containing the required Outlook items. This might happen due to severe damage to PST file or because of inefficiency of Scanpst.exe tool in fixing the corrupted PST file. To recover your emails & other attributes, you need to use an alternative to this Inbox Repair Tool, which can efficiently repair PST file on different versions of MS Outlook. The repair corrupted PST file tool has been proven as a better alternative to Scanpst.exe by several industry experts. This software can fix corrupted PST file in Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 & also Outlook 2010. It is the best tool to repair corrupted PST file in less amount of time.

The repair corrupted PST file software extracts the Outlook items from the damaged PST document and creates a new PST file upon accomplishment of repair process, thus diminishing the chances of further damage to the original PST file. Moreover, the software reads an entire PST file, unlike Scanpst.exe tool that scans only the header of PST file.Thus, it assures complete guarantee of PST file repair & eventually recovery of Outlook data. You can utilize this software to recover lost & deleted emails from the PST file. In addition to this, the repair tool can also restore other Outlook attributes like calendar, contacts, RSS feeds, notes, appointments, tasks, journals, etc that gets deleted accidentally by the user or lost due to corruption in PST file. A PST file gets corrupted in many ways & due to various reasons, of which some are discussed here:

  • Bad hard disk sectors: If your hard drive has some bad sectors and PST file is stored on these sectors, you may read only part of the PST file or data within it may be incorrect or full of errors.
  • Oversized PST problem: Maximum allowed PST file size varies from version to version and when it exceeds this size limit due to bulky emails or other data, your PST file may get damaged. At this situation you need help of PST repair tool to fix corrupted PST file.
  • Fault in network device: If the network interface cards, routers, hubs or any other network device have problems, then the access of PST file residing on the network server from the client computer, may make it corrupt.
  • Abnormal Outlook termination: When you terminate MS Outlook without saving the changes made to the PST file, there are chances of PST file getting corrupted. A similar thing happens if you abruptly shut down your computer while Outlook is in use.
  • Virus effect: Many virus files & other malicious softwares have a habit of infecting & damaging the Outlook PST file making it inaccessible.

In addition to all the above mentioned factors, the PST file repair software can fix corrupted PST file in various other reasons leading to PST file corruption. The exciting feature of the software is its capability to repair password-protected and even highly encrypted PST files regardless of their file size. Upon the successful repair of PST file, the software facilitates you to preview the recovered emails so that you can check its efficiency prior to purchasing the full version of the software. So, no need get upset if you don't know how to fix corrupt Outlook PST file, just download and use repair corrupted PST file tool.

Follow the below mentioned steps to fix corrupted PST file on MS Outlook:

Step I: Choose “Find PST File” option as illustrated in Fig I, if you are not aware of the correct location of PST file on your computer hard drive.

Fix Corrupted PST File - Choose Find PST File option

Fig I: Find PST File option

Step II: Now, select a drive for software to search the corrupted PST file. On the next window, choose a scan option and a location for saving the new PST file, as illustrated in Fig II. Click “Repair” to initialize the PST repair.

Fix Corrupted PST File - Choose Normal Scan/Smart Scan option

Fig II: Select Scan option

Step III: After successfully creating a new PST file with the extracted Outlook data, the software displays a confirmation and a list of recovered data in Outlook-style interface, as illustrated in Fig III.

Fix Corrupted PST File - Recovered Data list in Outlook format

Fig III: Recovered Outlook Attributes


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